Today’s rapidly changing operating conditions make the implementation of responsive change programmes a survival necessity for all organisations.

Studies by organisations such as McKinsey and Company have found that some 70% of business transformation programmes fail to meet their objectives. In addition, a recent report by the UK House of Commons Public Administration Committee says that despite Government steps to improve efficiency, a stream of procurement and contract management failures has occurred. It is often a lack of skill and experience amongst the staff required to deal with events that happen infrequently that lead to these difficulties. It is our direct experience that money spent buying in the expertise with the skills and experience to make sure that a programme is guided correctly at the outset will repay the cost many times over.

What we deliver

Initial assessments of an organisation’s transformation and procurement needs to provide a well judged action plan before major commitment.

Staff capable of supporting a long term integrated transformation and procurement process enabling all aspects of change from initial concept through to final test and acceptance.

Technology management services that allow clients to make sound judgements on the appropriate use of technology in support of their programmes.