As a first step in any improvement process we recommend an analysis of the issues perceived as driving the need for change. The aim of this activity is to assist the client leadership to identify the programme goals together with priorities and decisions on how to measure benefits; the principal output would be an outline programme plan.


Our general approach to programme assessment is in 2 phases. Initially, we examine the fundamental needs of the improvement programme and subsequently we plan how to implement the programme. This leads to a detailed statement of the effort required to reach the next stage. 



Phase 1: Thinking and Research

From the outset it is important that the improvement activities are clearly focussed on agreed goals. After agreeing the improvement programme goals, we conduct a shortfall study to understand and identify the underlying factors that drive the need for change.  Once this is complete, we conduct an analysis of these factors to identify specific performance shortfalls (people, process, equipment) and any weaknesses in supporting factors.  An initial sensitivity analysis helps to rate the impact of the shortfall on performance.  

Outputs from this phase are:

  • An outline description of current position and shortfalls.
  • An outline description of the end state linked to a high-level statement of the programme goals. 
  • A supporting factors statement to include areas such as training, infrastructure, logistics.
  • A list of constraints to include financial, legal, environmental and policy. 

Phase 2: Develop the Outline Improvement Plan

An outline improvement plan is developed that defines the logical sequencing of activities, timescales, required levels of effort and dependencies.  The outline plan also identifies points in an implementation schedule where measurable improvement should be achieved.  The outline plan acts as vehicle for the leadership to agree to proceed to the implementation stage with a clear understanding of the timescales, effort and likely benefits clearly articulated in one document.

Outputs from this stage are:

  • Outline improvement plan.
  • Detailed statement of the work required to complete the next stage.

Our Services

Our team would provide the six outputs listed above from this initial phase and offer a detailed statement of the work required should the client wish to proceed to the next stage.