Transition Management
There is a need in all projects to link the theoretical work conducted in the ‘office’ environment to the real world by means of practical implementation plans and a proper understanding of the relative limitations and strengths of the technical and process options being considered. In particular, it is essential that well informed judgements are made when trading performance against cost and the delivery schedule together with the programme risks associated with such trades.

Transition Management

Bridging the gap between theory and practice

Our transition management activity takes the output from the transformation ‘enact model’ and focuses on the equipment and support capability to bridge the gap between theory and practice; thus, significantly reducing programme delivery risk. 

Technology Review

We are able to make informed judgements on whether the desired outcome is technically achievable or alternatively to recommend a practical approach that can be supported by current technology. In effect, we aim to match the technical user aspiration with reality today and in the near future by the production of a technology implementation plan.

 Our Service

We offer a technology and process review  to support the production of a balanced and realistic plan that will deliver the entire programme in a coherent and timely manner.