Leadership is the key to transformation success. A leadership that is willing to transform and has a clear vision will drive the necessary changes across the organization to deliver profitability, efficiency and effectiveness. Transformation takes time – it can be measured in months or even years and requires constant effort and tenacity until the desired outcomes are realized. Even then it should not stop but continue at a level that ensures the organisation evolves to meet the changing environment in which it operates.



Our Approach to Transformation

The detailed approach to transformation will vary for individual organisations but experience has shown that there are some basic elements that every transformation programme should contain.  These elements have been identified, validated and used internationally to address many transformation challenges. Consequently, we have formulated a real-world approach that is built on detailed practical experience of implementing change and which can be rapidly tailored to a specific need.

These elements are: design, enact and operate. The ‘design phase' enables the transformation goals to be set and the initial planning to take place. This work leads to a ‘enact phase’ that translates the design into a detailed and practical implementation plan, which is underpinned by a strong  governance process that is maintained throughout the life of the programme. Subsequently, the ‘operate phase’ seeks to produce a repeatable level of operation across all aspects of the transformation programme’s target organisation. 

Design Phase

The design phase provides a description of the required end-state and a plan that achieves this. It also provides the means to ensure that the senior leadership within the organisation can maintain proper control of the transformation process and can communicate the changes to all concerned both within the organisation and those linked to it. 

Enact Phase

During the subsequent enact phase the design is translated into a detailed practical implementation plan that takes account of all the changes necessary to build the new processes, equipment, ways of working and organisation. This work will include all of the supporting elements such as training, logistics and infrastructure.  

Operate Phase

Once the enact phase is underway or complete, the operate phase would then concentrate on achieving a 'repeatable' level of operation across all work streams within the implementation plan, taking account of the detailed planning that took place during the enact phase. 

Our Services

As a first step we offer the initial element of the design phase within the 'assess' process. This work will identify/confirm the drivers for change, provide the strategic goals that will support change and produce a statement of the work necessary to support the improvement programme.